Friday, March 18, 2011

In Thailand...

Finally, I'm here! Some of you might know that my fathers side of the family has been in Thailand for 4 weeks. Well, today, me and my littlebrother finally joined them! Two lazy weeks in warmth<3

Oh, and besides that, I can upload pictures again, so you'll have a chance to be reeeeally jealous! ^.^

First up is a crappy webbcam-picture, since my regular camera seems to have given up. I'll either kidnap my fathers or buy a new, crappy one while at the market here. We'll see. I promise more of this, anyway!

For those of you who understand swedish, my other blog has a lot of new "Det ligger frost i luften" episodes. That's the novel I'm working on, currently in swedish. Have a look here.

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