Thursday, April 14, 2011


Oh, I've been quite inactive here, I see... I could say that I've been really buisy, but the truth is that I've just been lazy and also forgot a bit about this blog. As all swedish readers know, I also have a blog in swedish and... Well, this one have been a bit forgotten.

Enough about that - this entry isn't about my inactivity, it's about me, myself and I in general ;)

I have a lot in school, with lot's of german grammar (damn all those irregular verbs and whatever stuff's called!), I plan some new photo sessions with the awesome photographer who took the "Old town"-session -  and also, I'm writing a steampunk novel. Except for all that, I also am the head of arranging a LARP in my steampunk-inspiered world, Doname, which will be played the last weekend of May 2011. So my hands are really full right now...

Well, if anyone knows a good RPG-forum with a steampunk theme, please let me knoe, will ya'? ^^

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